The spatial sound installation NUANCE presents three blended chapters inspired by natural and urban environments and daydreams about the outer space. This piece of art consists of a 41 minutes sonic journey composed of field recordings, a synthesizer, acoustic instruments processed through analog and digital effects. It was developed in a 48.9 sound system and exhibited in November 2019 at MONOM – Berlin’s center for spatial sound.


The first chapter of this abstract narrative, Dreamland, represents the delusional state of mind we achieve in our dreams, like a collage of memories mixed with disproportional and unreal events composed by field recordings of natural soundscapes from Austria, Brazil, and Germany, ethereal vocals, digital synthesizers, and electric cello.


The second chapter, Awake In The City, is a reflection on acousmatic events that happen in our home and social environments during regular days and routines. Part of these mundane sounds was captured in real-life action and part of them were recorded in an acoustically treated studio to bring their little nuances to the foreground. This chapter also explores human feelings such as angriness and passion through vocals, saxophone, and techno-inspired motifs.


The last chapter, Lost In Space, is bear fruit of the imaginary, a sonic interpretation of the unmeasurable time-bending outer space.  This sparse sci-fi soundscape consists of synthesized textures, electromagnetic recordings, and experimental audio processing techniques.


Together the three chapters narrate a contemplative and abstract journey, presenting reflections on feelings such as enlightenment, relief, fear, anxiety, anger, passion, and pleasure. At the same time, it questions the importance of ordinary worries, putting in perspective the meaning of the self.


MONOM explores how spatial sound technologies and practices can contribute to increased opportunities for adventurous artistic experimentation and collaboration across disciplines. The 4DSOUND system is a spatial instrument that integrates hardware and software systems to create a fully omnidirectional sound environment. Audiences experience sounds as physical entities rather then audio emitting from traditional speakers. This one of a kind instrument immerses up to 400 people inside 48 omnidirectional speakers suspended throughout the venue, extending to 9 powerful subs submerged beneath an acoustically transparent floor.

Photos by Becca Crawford.