The synchronicity between ourselves and our surroundings are constantly in flux. Not solely between our own minds and our physical surroundings but also the virtual world. These are intersections between many motifs, rhythmic phasing that pushes and pulls for our attention. “Synchronicity” expands on these ideas – a composition that exists in a reimagined intersection parallel to Frankfurter Tor which itself is at a crossroads between urban speeds, home living, and crying ecosystems.


Artists Samaquias Lorta and OIIA invite audiences to explore this 360 production. Not only virtually but also including the exploration of Frankfurter Tor. This ambisonic composition allows for a variation of aural experiences. A sound art technological blend with polyrhythmic timbres.


Special thanks to Alina Mocanca as 3D Illustrator. –


Sound Circuits were immersive sound walks inspiring reflection on the social dynamics of public spaces in Berlin and Lisbon.

During October 2020, you could access on your mobile phone, through QR codes placed in public places of Lisbon and berlin, to sound creations that connected the urban landscape to your hearing. at each point, you would find the narrative that an artist developed for that place around one of the themes ‘memory, fear, rhythm, freedom, and health’.

Sound circuits were a creative solution from Euphonia to overcome the limitation on access to culture posed by the pandemic covid19 while promoting local creative entities, artists, and narrowing the distance in between them all. it united 8 creative entities and 43 artists from both cities.